VISIONCOSMETIC is an Italian company born from the collaboration of Professionals and many years of experience. It is specialised in the production of hair professional cosmetic products.

Missionhigh quality hair products

Our mission is to offer high quality products, spreading tradition and innovation, to satisfy our customers’ needs at best. Our slogan “Take your time!” originates from the idea that our final client trusts both the professional skill and the final result, as well as the endurance coming from our products, as we are certain that our choice is not only winning, but also a safe one.

Brand professional and elegant cosmetic line made in Italy to offer beauty and well-being

VISION COSMETIC is a professional and elegant cosmetic line. Its unique Italian style offers not only highly professional results, but it gives the change to every customer and hairdresser to live a complete well-being experience. VISION COSMETIC products are conceived as tools to offer beauty and well-being.

Values innovative formulation to create a lifestyle, no more as a service

Our products are conceived to create a lifestyle, no more as a service. Everyone can affirm that beauty hides in every corner, on every face, in every shape, but not everybody can bring it out. You need commitment, devotion and talent, the same typical qualities of our products. Their innovative formulation made of certified and tested raw materials, together with passion and research, gave birth to top quality products.


live the experience of a
professional treatment in your own home

Perfect and flawless every day

Starting today, thanks to VISIONCARE, you can live the well-being experience of a professional treatment whenever you want. Contact us for more information.


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